The Hardwood Floor Design of Your Dreams

Imagine What Your Hardwood Floor Will Look Like

When you set out to create the hardwood floor design of your dreams, the multitude of options available can be daunting, to say the least. Should you choose the simple, timeless elegance of a monotone wide plank floor, or would an intricate percale featuring 10 different colored insets work better? Does your home or office and have a specific theme – rustic log cabin, sturdy rental or ultramodern, for instance – or do your tastes range more to the eclectic?

Whatever look or feel you’re trying to accomplish can be accented and tied together perfectly, with the right style of hardwood flooring. There are also a wide assortment of materials available, which can help you target your specific budget. The possibilities are, quite literally, limitless.

Start With Your Feelings

When conceptualizing the design of your hardwood flooring, it is best to imagine how you want your interior to make you and your guests feel. If you want it to impart feelings of deep history, solidity, security and the like, wider planks running in perfect squared parallels to your walls will subconsciously communicate that for you. If you desire a more rustic, comfortable, lived-in feel, distressed or reclaimed wood with many knots and imperfections may serve you well. For a lighter feeling of potential activity, fun or celebration, narrower slats with multiple colors and designs will serve to help make your guests feel more excited to be there.

How Will Your Hardwood Floors be Used

That may appear to be a silly question, because of course they are going to be walked on. The question I’m asking has more to do with how much traffic do you expect, what kind of room will the floor be in – kitchen, bedroom, living room, boardroom, private office, executive office, showroom, etc. – and the like. The quantity of foot traffic you expect can have a direct impact on the kind of wood you will want to use.

What Kind of Lighting Will You Use

Will the rooms receive a lot of sunlight, or will there be electric light only? Harsh direct lighting from incandescents, fluorescents, or LED’s, or soft indirect light? If you want a bright room which communicates feelings of energy and productivity, lighter toned woods will serve you well. By the same token, if you’re looking for warmth, relaxation and feelings of quiet, darker richer tones will serve you better.

Whatever Your Dreams and Desires, We Will Make Them a Reality

Artisan Hardwood Floors is the premier hardwood flooring installer for the entire Reno / Lake Tahoe region. Individually and collectively, we possess the experience, training, certifications and professional pride necessary to serve your needs better than any other company in the area. I personally will bring my old world craftsmanship and artistry to your project, no matter how big or small, no matter the budget. My team and I will work with you closely, to ensure that you get exactly what you expected – if not more – on time and on budget.

To discover for yourself the kind of quality I am talking about, call me right now and let’s set a time for your consultation. I am always eager to make new friends and prove to them how well we can serve their needs. In fact, come visit us on Facebook if you like.

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