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parquet hardwood flooringParquet Hardwood Flooring Always Adds Value

If you’re in the Reno/Tahoe area and considering replacing your existing floors with something more eye-catching, vibrant and unique; parquet hardwood flooring is for you. A professionally installed parquet floor delivers all the lasting beauty and value of conventional hardwood flooring, while adding the opportunity to completely personalize every space in your home or office. Whether you choose a solid wood or engineered wood flooring surface, there is no difference in the striking visuals a fitted parquet floor will bring to your home.

What Is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring is different from traditional “plank” hardwood flooring, and a good bit more difficult to install correctly. Parquet employs smaller pieces of wood, arranged in attractive and decorative geometric patterns or shapes. Popular designs include herringbone, chevron, checkerboard or basket weave, but far more intricate mosaics are possible. It really depends on your own tastes and individuality.

Where Did Parquet Originate?

Interestingly enough, parquet marble flooring originates from XVII century France. Introduced at the Royal Château at Versailles, it immediately became popular among the richest Frenchmen and other Royals. However, the constant washing of the slabs lead to the rotting of the wooden joints supporting the marble floors. Consequently, the builders soon opted for lighter and more easily worked hardwoods to inlay the gorgeous patterns we’ve all come to know and love today.

What Are the Best Hardwoods For Parquet Flooring?

The most common species used in the manufacture of parquet flooring here in the Reno/Tahoe area are oak, walnut, maple, and cherry. However, mahogany and other exotic hardwoods can be used in the production of more expensive parquets. Apart from the wood species used in your parquet flooring, you can also decide on solid or engineered parquet flooring. Engineered parquet flooring is more affordable, being made from thin layers of wood with a hardwood veneer over the top.

Is Parquet Flooring Harder to Maintain Than Traditional Hardwood Flooring?

Not at all! Like other all hardwood flooring, parquet floors are low maintenance and easy to keep beautiful. You should vacuum lightly 2-3 times a week, or just simply use a broom or dust mop. Whichever is more convenient. A damp mop once a week is also highly recommended. There are several excellent and affordable options available, on that front.

For The Best Parquet Installation Possible, Hire An Artisan!

At Artisan Hardwood Floors, we take great pride in our experience and craftsmanship. We have installed beautiful parquet flooring in homes all over the Reno/Tahoe area. Contact me right away, so we can discuss how beautiful and affordable your new parquet flooring will be.


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