Hire a Professional Hardwood Floor Installer

Hire a Professional to Install Your Hardwood Floors

I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that you hire a professional hardwood floor installer when you have any work done on your hardwood floors. Even if you choose some other fine professional contractor instead of Artisan Hardwood Floors, you will still be doing yourself a favor.

I only say this because most of the repairs I have had to perform here in the Reno/Tahoe area these many years, are the direct result of inexpert installations. The temptation to “save money” by allowing amateurs to install your hardwood floors can be a very costly decision.

Professional Installers Save You Money

There is a lot to be said about “doing it right the first time,” and that is exactly where a professional hardwood floor installer comes in. By applying Best Practices and using professional quality products, you are guaranteed to get the most value out of every dime you invest. That is the best way I know to save money.

Professional installers are also keenly aware of the competitive market surrounding our industry, and your consumer dollars. We strive to provide the finest service you can experience, turning out the highest quality work for the lowest investment point for our clients. That’s how we stay in business year after year.

Professional Installers Save You Time

Because your floor is hardly the first one we’ve ever installed, we’re already aware of all the potentially time-consuming snags and challenges the job might entail. Consequently, we have solutions already in place to manage them. What might come as a complete surprise to an amateur installer – causing them to slow down or stop work completely while they decide what to do about it – is a problem we will have dealt with dozens of times just this year. It won’t ever slow a professional down, let alone cause us to stop.

Professional Installers Stand Behind Their Work

Perhaps the most important aspect of hiring a professional to install your hardwood floors, is that we stand behind the quality of our work. Mistakes can and do happen, even with the best people involved. In the rare event that a problem crops up a few years after your floors have been installed, the professional you hired will still be in business and eager to help. Our reputations demand nothing less.

Whereas, the nice amateur fellows you hired off Craigslist might not even still be in town next month. I’m sure you understand.

Hire Artisan Hardwood Floors

Installing and repairing hardwood floors is all we do. Bring your ideas to me and I will help you turn them into a reality. On time and on budget, both of which might be less than you’re expecting. Contact me right away, while the idea is fresh in your mind. We’ll set up a free consultation and you can compare our services for yourself.

Sorin Giurca

Master Craftsman, Owner