Hardwood Flooring Installation

There’s nothing more beautiful than hardwood flooring. Nothing. We believe that. We’ve seen it in action. We know we create beautiful floors. But did you know that hardwood flooring can transform an older home and add beauty, practicality and luxury to a new one?

Artisan Hardwood Floors professionals offer you several wood floor choices, including tones and designs in every spectrum. Sound overwhelming? We’ll help you choose the one that pleases you while also providing the best durability and enhancing your home décor.

Choose from all these hardwood floor designs and more:

  • Plank flooring
  • Strip hardwood flooring
  • Parquet wood flooring
  • Geometrical and custom designs in all wood choices

Ask us about your favorite flooring: does it stand up to our climate needs?

Artisan Hardwood Floors takes a craftsman approach to all floors. And we’ve seen that custom approach giving us the best results over and over. It’s a fact that no two floors are alike. Every floor deserves a craftsman’s touch.

Ready to begin transforming your home? Or choosing the flooring for your new construction? Go right to the best:
Ask for Sorin.