Hardwood Flooring for Commercial Use

Hardwood Flooring for Commercial Property is an Excellent Choice

Most people already know how excellent hardwood flooring is for adding beauty, durability and resale value to private homes and rental properties. Any real estate agent can tell you that homes with beautiful hardwood floors tend to sell faster, and for more money. What most people might not know however, is how well suited hardwood flooring  is for commercial properties. Bars, restaurants, dance floors, rollerskating rinks, retail locations, doctors offices and business offices all benefit from the advantages of a hardwood floor.

Not only does hardwood flooring add to the overall look and feel of a commercial property; just as in private homes in rental properties, it tends to increase resale value. Additionally, the cost of cleaning and maintenance on hardwood floors is so much lower than on the equal square footage of carpeting.

Hardwood Flooring is an Affordable Alternative with Lasting Value

Very often carpeting can be found covering up the beautiful hardwood floors in the waiting rooms of doctors offices, and the showrooms of commercial vendors. Those carpets need almost constant vacuuming to remain clean and inviting to the public. Hardwood flooring, once exposed and finished, remains easy to clean, almost spill proof, durable and timeless. The more traffic a hardwood floor sees, the more beautiful it becomes. You cannot say that about carpet.

Hardwood Flooring Does Not Require Professional Cleaning

Commercial property owners – especially in the current Reno/Tahoe economy – tend to keep a critical eye on the bottom line. Taking advantage of the lowest cost, easiest to maintain flooring surface available, only makes good financial sense. Your hardwood floors can be swept, mopped and buffed by your least trained minimum-wage employee. Compare that to hiring a commercial carpet cleaning company.

Hardwood Flooring is the Best Answer for Your Commercial Property

Whether you are having a new commercial building built, you are looking at purchasing a commercial building here in town, or you have commercial property to let, Artisan Hardwood Floors can help you make the right decision about what flooring to use. We have been installing hardwood floors in the Reno Tahoe area for many years, and we are experts in hardwood flooring for commercial use.

If you would like to discuss your options and see the possibilities, please contact me right away so we can look at your plans and start saving you money.

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