Fun Hardwood Flooring Design Ideas

Hardwood Flooring Design Allows a Lot of Room for Fun

Installing and maintaining your hardwood flooring, is serious work. Meeting deadlines, ensuring quality, exceeding your expectations and making it all look easy, requires a solid work ethic and an inborn need to “get the job done.” I take a lot of personal pride in my people and their performance on the job. Because, like me, they love what they do. And because we all love what we do, we think our occupation is the funnest job we could have.

Even more importantly, the opportunity to help our neighbors and the greater Reno Tahoe community enjoy all the fun of hardwood flooring design, is about the biggest kick possible. Your hardwood flooring does not have to be a series of straight lines which line up perfectly with the walls. There is no limit to the fun and joy you can impart to your hardwood floors, simply by turning your imagination loose and allowing us to make it a reality.

Fun Designs Include Multiple Colors and Patterns

When you begin to think about your new hardwood floors, please remember that you are not restricted to any single concept. Hardwood flooring can be stained, painted, distressed and antiqued, while still remaining as durable and lasting as always. Never feel you have to limit yourself to the tried, old or boring ideas. Your hardwood flooring design ties everything else in the room together. It will remain a lasting legacy to your creativity, so feel free to make it your own.

Every Room can Have its Own Theme

A child’s room can have the alphabet written into the hardwood. A music room can have notes and clefs. A library can have books, a kitchen can have pots and pans or foodstuffs… Or anything else you want. We are Artisans; anything you can dream up, we can put down in your hardwood floor. Geodesic patterns, herring bones, symbols and crests; nothing is beyond the scope of our talents.

Artisan Hardwood Floors will Help You at Every Step

Not everyone is an artist. Not everyone can take the pictures in their mind and translate them onto paper. We get that. We have helped hundreds of people, all over the Reno Tahoe area, to articulate their desires. We are always more than happy to take the ball and run with it, where  collaborating on your hardwood flooring design is concerned. Even if you only have a vague idea of where you might want to go,  my staff and I will work with you on the design until you’re absolutely satisfied.

Call me today with your ideas, and let me show you how to easily and affordably we can translate them into reality.


Sorin Giurca

Craftsman, Owner, Artist

Artisan Hardwood Floors