The Real Price of Installation

The Deal

Recently, a friend came to me asking about installation prices and what should be included. She had seen some big box stores offering $1.99/ft2 but when she looked deeper into what was included, the price became much less of a ‘deal’.

Unfortunately, the ‘deals’ my friend was asking about usually require the customer to remove their own baseboards, pull up and discard their existing flooring (whether carpet or hardwood, laminate, etc.), and prep the sub floor all before the ‘installers’ come with the new flooring.

This is what I told her:

It is my professional opinion that installation of flooring materials should include the removal of the existing floor, normal sub-floor prep work (obviously, any repairs would be separate), new flooring install and after install clean up. I find it unprofessional to expect the customer to do any of this work themselves.

Why Do You Need A Professional Installer?

People come to us because they want a professional service by someone who is an expert – i.e. – not them. Why would I make my customers work for my product? It just isn’t good business. Yes, it may be cheaper in the beginning – but what about the time and energy you expend doing the removal work on your own? What if you break your trim while you are trying to remove it? What if while removing your trim you damage your walls? If the customers are not experts – how would they know how to properly prep their subfloor? What if they do it wrong?  Any issues with the install that are because of the subfloor prep are specifically NOT covered in a warranty of the flooring and installation by these types of stores. All of these situations, while regrettable, will end in more cost and frustration for you.

I say, “Not good enough.” I want my customers to have peace of mind that their floor was installed correctly, by an expert, so there aren’t any worries down the road. I guarantee my customers satisfaction – because I care about an ongoing relationship and I am a small business owner who relies on word of mouth and repeat business. So, I am asking you, the customer:

Wouldn’t you prefer to pick out your beautiful new flooring, point out the rooms you want it installed in, move your furniture out of the way, and expect that when the project is complete, you can just move your furniture back in and relax, with the peace of mind that your professionally crafted and securely installed flooring will last?