Climate Specific Hardwood Flooring

Our Climate Can be Devastating on Hardwood Floors

Our high desert climate requires specific considerations when installing hardwood flooring in the Northern Nevada community.  It is imperative to have an expert in our climate install your hardwood flooring in order to avoid issues like some of those discussed in the national magazine, Hardwood Floors, which is put out by the National Wood Flooring Association.

Most Common Issues We See

Some of the issues that we frequently see in our area include cupping, warping, and most often, shrinking.  Shrinking can be countered by using more stable species of wood such as oak, also, quarter sawn wood, narrower boards and engineered products fare better. If you have a hardwood floor with any of these issues, feel free to Call Us at 775-830-4243.

When It’s Done Right

A professionally installed hardwood floor can be a long term source of pride in your home.  Custom crafted, it can not only be a functional, healthy alternative to carpeting, but it can also be a work of art. That is the goal of every hardwood floor install or refinishing that we do here at Artisan Hardwood Floors.  We know how to compensate for the dry, temperature fluctuating environment that we live in and we take pride in creating a special, custom hardwood floor for your home – one you will enjoy for years to come.

Current Promotion:

We are running a 20% discount on Labor for projects over 500ft. now through the end of the year, so take advantage of this great offer and Call Us at 775-830-4243 to discuss your hardwood flooring needs.