Custom Flooring: Hire a professional, or do it yourself?

We live in a Do It Yourself society.

There are times when the old adage “do it yourself” is great advice. It’s a very satisfying feeling to complete a job in your own home with your own hands. For many simple projects, it can absolutely be cheaper than hiring someone else to do it. There are entire chains of stores dedicated to that very idea. In fact, there are a lot of projects around my own house I like to do myself, too. Fixing a leaky bathroom sink or installing a decorative overhead fan. Things like that.

By the same token, I’m a Professional Carpenter with many years of custom installation experience. I’ve seen the kinds of mistakes that can be made while moving electrical outlets, rerouting plumbing or replacing rotted or insect infested floor joists. Things which the average do it yourself-er simply isn’t equipped to deal with. Either because they lack the proper tools, or because they’ve never had the necessary experience.

Hiring a professional can actually cost less than doing it yourself.

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been called into a semi-completed job by someone who has run a power-saw through an underfloor electrical conduit or PVC plumbing drain pipe. The smell alone can run you out of your house. When things like that happen, a person can find themselves spending far more money in repair costs, than if they had simply called me in the first place. And even those people who are skilled enough to remove their old flooring without mishap, can find all the steps necessary for a flawless installation a much more detailed endeavor than they might first have anticipated.

If you’ve installed it yourself, you’re responsible for the finished product.

As a professional custom contractor, I cannot be satisfied until you are. And I’m probably even more exacting about the finished product than you are. Your flooring must be perfectly level, flawlessly aligned, seamless, even, smooth and without a squeak or groan to be found. I’m a perfectionist about these kinds of things, because my reputation is my most valuable asset.

If someone has done all the installation themselves, they have no one to call if a hidden problem or flaw crops up, because a corner was cut or a step was skipped. There are a thousand and one minor details which are critical, and double that amount of problems which can arise, if even a single one of them was overlooked.

Custom hardwood flooring installation requires experienced professionals to do the work.

My team and I here at Artisan Hardwood Floors have been called Artists, because we put so much of ourselves into every project. We know that your new custom hardwood flooring will be remarked on by your guests for years to come, and our future depends on your complete satisfaction and delight. We keep our prices very affordable so more people can have flooring they can brag to their friends about. Every floor we craft must serve as a testament to our workmanship, and reflect the love we have for the work we do.

If you have any questions at all about your current flooring, or perhaps a project you’re having built here in the Reno/Sparks/Tahoe/Carson area, I would be more than happy to discuss your project with you. Call me today at 775.830.4243, or email me if that’s more convenient for you.

Sorin Giurca