Hardwood Floor Colors and Stains – Reno, Tahoe, NV

Currently Trending Hardwood Floor Colors and Stains for Reno/Tahoehardwood floor colors

It should come as no surprise that the Reno/Tahoe area sets the trend for hardwood floor colors and stains. This area is known for beautiful landscapes and gorgeous homes. We take our interiors seriously around here, and our out-of-town guests tend to take our ideas home with them.

The following are some of the hardwood floor colors and stains trends I’ve found are becoming the most popular on our local hardwood floors.

Ultra Dark Hardwood Stains

Ultra dark hardwood floors are easily the most popular trend going. Homeowners are seeking darker and darker floors to accent their lighter walls and furnishings. A combination of ebony and jacobean (sometimes called espresso), or ebony and dark walnut seems to be the most trending hardwood floor colors going.

Ultra Light Hardwood Stains

Blonde or white washed hardwood floor colors with natural finishes featuring lower gloss, are 2nd in trending colors. The crisp, clean look helps a create fresh and natural appearance. The lightest colors look very contemporary while providing a matte finish.

White wash stains continue to be trending. More popular in prefinished woods (as opposed to site finished) they come out much lighter than natural hardwood. Whether you going natural or white washed; using water or oil based poly, satin and matte finishes are trending and stylish.

Gray Hardwood Stains

Demand for gray hardwood floor colors continues to trend this year. Lighter grays seem to be slightly preferred over darker grays. In the past year or two, I’ve also an increase in the gray/brown blends. Will the gray hardwood stains stop trending? Probably. But not until you’re ready to refinish your hardwood floors anyway.

Cooler Tones Over Warmer Tones

Cooler blue and brown tone hardwood floor colors are trending over the warmer red tones. Cooler colors and stains are easier to decorate with, because they offer more options to match paint, furniture, window treatments and all your other decor’.

There is No Rule Saying You Cannot Buck the Trend

At Artisan Hardwood Floors, we understand that just because something is trending, that doesn’t mean everyone is going to want it. We have been installing hardwood flooring in the Reno/Tahoe area for years now – every color and stain imaginable – so we simply know what is trending in popularity at the time.

No matter what hardwood floor color or stain you chose for your hardwood flooring, trending or not, we will deliver the most professional installation and service you can find at any price. Call me now and lets have a short talk about what you want to see in your home. You’ll be glad you did.

Sorin Giurca

Master Craftsman, Owner