Hardwood Flooring: More Than Just a Pretty Face

Hardwood Flooring is a Total Experience

When most people imagine hardwood flooring, they usually think of the color and lines and all those other visual cues. Yet there are a number of other factors which make hardwood flooring more than just a pretty face. The way it feels, the way it sounds, even the way it smells, all combine to make your hardwood flooring a total experience for your senses.

On top of all that, hardwood floors are also very sensible, since they last so long and add so much value to your home or office. Ask any Realtor: Hardwood Flooring makes a home easier to sell, easier to rent and easier to get your asking price for.

Hardwood Flooring Adds Ambiance and Creates the Overall Feeling

When you walk into a room which has hardwood flooring, everything else in the room tends to be a reflection of the type of wood used and the style it has been installed in. Wide planks give off a feeling of solidity and permanence, which can be enhanced by the use of reclaimed wood or lines squared to the walls. Narrow planks can communicate a modern feel. Lighter colors translate energy and action, while darker tones imbue a room with a sense of peace and relaxation.

Percale mosaics can be used communicate an almost infinite number of feelings and ideas. Energy, direction, opulence, security and even just a sense of having arrived.

Don’t Just See Hardwood Flooring. Hear it. Feel it. Smell it.

The next time you walk into a room which has hardwood flooring, close your eyes. If it has been installed well, you will hear the muted clap of your feet hitting the floor but no squeaks or moans. You will feel the solidity of a well made floor under your feet. Some hardwoods can have a distinct, pleasant odor, but mostly you will smell a cleanliness and freshness which is simply impossible with carpeting. Hardwood flooring offers nowhere to hide for molds, mildew, fungus and all the other contaminants which can accumulate in a rug. Hardwood floors are so much easier to keep clean, too.

Let Us Show You How Great a New Hardwood Floor will Make You Feel

At Artisan Hardwood Floors, our primary goal is to give you that wonderful experience known as “owning hardwood flooring.” We have been serving the Reno/Tahoe area for many years, and this is all we do. I would love the opportunity to help you decide on all the details of your new hardwood floors, then show you how affordable and easy it will be to own it. Contact me right away so you can enjoy the feeling of your new hardwood flooring.

Sorin Giurca

Craftsman, Owner, Artist