To Pattern or Not to Pattern Your Hardwood Floor?

Hardwood Floors Don’t Have to Follow Straight Lines

The easiest way to put in hardwood floors, and maybe the most common, is in straight rows either vertically or horizontally across a room.  This technique is especially preferred when it is a DIY install because you don’t need any fancy tools or confusing measurements; however, it lacks the creativity of a custom created and designed floor.

What can you really do with hardwood that would grab someone’s attention?

That’s what we specialize in! We love custom designing a hardwood floor to meet your functional, creative, and artistic needs. We call ourselves ‘Artisan’ for a reason – because we look at each room as a masterpiece waiting to be shaped and laid out by our skilled albeit callused hands.  The custom jobs are where we get to stretch our custom skills and show you what we can really do.

How many options can there really be?

You have seen light floors and dark floors, you’ve probably seen the washed out or grey looking floors and even the black floors, but have you seen the customized design floors like this piece we did?  We aren’t the only ones who do this kind of art, but we like to think we are the best – look at some of the amazing designs we found from lots of custom installers who view their jobs as works of art as well.

Ready to get started designing your new floor?

Whether you already have an idea in mind or you just want a one-of-a-kind custom hardwood floor – we are ready when you are.  Once we see the space you want designed, we will go through our gallery of wood flooring samples and discuss the quality and characteristics you want your new floor to display. Then we get started incorporating your ideas into a functional and beautifully unique design mix of various colors, styles, patterns, and even textures.

Call me, Sorin, today at 775.830.4243 and let us make your next hardwood floor a masterpiece.