Big Box Store Hardwood Floor Installation? Nope!

big box store hardwood floor installationBig Box Store Hardwood Floor Installation Might Not Be Such a Great Deal

The genuine cost of a big box store hardwood floor installation isn’t always the “great deal” they advertise. Don’t get me wrong; I shop at the Reno/Tahoe big box stores myself, and we’ve all seen them offering amazing prices on installations. However, when you look deeper into what’s included, those prices become much less of a “deal.”

Here’s how it works; before the installers come to put in your new hardwood flooring, they often require you to remove your own baseboards, pull up and dispose of your existing flooring, and prep the sub-floor yourself.

A Real Deal Should Include Everything

Installation of your new flooring should include the removal and disposal of the existing floor, sub-floor prep work (repairs are separate if discovered in the removal, of course), laying the new flooring, and a thorough clean up. I feel it’s simply unprofessional and unacceptable to expect you, the paying customer, to do any of that work yourself. The actual cost of a Big Box store hardwood floor installation never accounts for that.

Worse yet, if an untrained, inexperienced layman were to tackle the all prep work, there’s a good chance a lot of it will be done wrong. Requiring a professional to redo all that time-consuming labor.

That’s Why You Need A Professional Hardwood Flooring Installer

Most people want their professional services performed by someone who is an expert – i.e. – not themselves. It just isn’t good business to make my customers work for my product. While it may look cheaper in the beginning, there is a lot of time and energy expend doing the removal work. What if the client breaks the trim while removing it it? Or damages their walls? Do they know how to properly prep their sub-floor? What if they do it wrong? (Any issues with the flooring product due to sub-floor prep are specifically NOT covered in a warranty of the flooring.) All of these situations, while regrettable, will end in more cost and frustration for you.

Artisan Does it All and Does It Right

My clients deserve the peace of mind knowing that their hardwood flooring was installed professionally, by experts. I guarantee complete satisfaction – because I rely on word of mouth and repeat business in this highly competitive industry. The true cost of Big Box store hardwood floor installation means that my work is always a better deal.

Contact me today and let me show you how truly affordable an investment in hardwood flooring can be.

Sorin Giurca

Master Craftsman, Artisan, Owner