Hardwood Flooring Durability – Reno/Tahoe 

hardwood flooring durabilityHardwood Flooring Durability and Elegance

Professionally installed hardwood flooring adds elegance to any home, while hardwood flooring durability contributes to unquestioned resale value. Homeowners and business people all over the Reno/Tahoe region understand those simple concepts. Still, there are some people out there who have yet to learn all of the benefits of hardwood flooring. I write these blogs for those folks.

Of course, it would take me years to convey all of the value, beauty, and personality hardwood flooring adds to your Reno/Tahoe home or office. So I’ll continue to write…

Hardwood Flooring Durability Means Easy Maintenance

Yes. I talk about this one often. Mostly because it can’t be said enough. Hardwood flooring can last, looking beautiful, for generations. Carpets and other flooring types simply wear out faster, adding unnecessary maintenance costs to your ownership. Hardwood flooring is easy to maintain with regular sweeping and light mopping. I’ve written extensively on the many easy ways to keep your hardwood flooring clean and healthy, with very little effort.

Variety Means Personality

Hardwood flooring comes in an almost infinite variety colors, sizes and styles, allowing you to create anything from a simple plank look to an intricate Parquet design. Whatever your personality demands, hardwood flooring durability and elegance can deliver.

Naturally, Oak and Pine are classic, easy ways to add sophistication to a Reno/Tahoe space, being almost ideal for any decor.  They both work well whether your home or office style is contemporary, traditional, or totally avaunt-guard. Bamboo flooring adds the benefit of sustainability to your home, because it can be created from recycled wood.

Beauty and Elegance Increase Your Home’s Value

Hardwood flooring is a strictly value-added option. In much the same way a new home or office building will always cost more than all the materials necessary to built it, hardwood flooring durability increases the resale value of your home. Or office. Carpeting, no matter how beautiful or well made, will need to be replaced, holds onto stains and allergens, and can look old and worn out in just a few years. The smart money in Reno/Tahoe Real Estate always looks for the elegance and durability of hardwood flooring.

Artisan Has You Covered

At Artisan Hardwood Floors, all we do is Reno/Tahoe hardwood floors. Please contact me right now while the idea is still fresh in your mind. Allow me to show you how beautiful and affordable your elegant new durable hardwood flooring will be.

Sorin Giurca