Dogs and Hardwood Floors? Reno, Tahoe, NV

Dogs are a Popular Question for Hardwood Floor Installersdogs and hardwood floors

“We want hardwood floors, but we own a gorgeous <Large Dog Breed of Choice> and he weighs 100 pounds. When considering dogs and hardwood floors, what would be the right kind of hardwood floor for a big dog like ours?”

If you live in the Reno/Tahoe area and own a large dog (or even a small one), I have great news, hardwood floors are designed to be lived on. A little wear and tear is not only inevitable, it will serve to make a hardwood floor more “yours.” And unlike carpet, hardwood floors are healthier for your pets (and you), and far more survivable.

Dogs and Hardwood Floors: Shrug Off Accidents

If your big dog has an “accident,” never fear; it’s no worse for your hardwood floor than spilling a glass of orange juice. It will cause no damage to your hardwood floors at all, if you clean it up soonest. You can’t say that about carpets.

Before we perform your hardwood floor installation, you’ll want to research what type of flooring appeals to you the most. A good professional installation can make your worries about dogs and hardwood floors a thing of the past.

Keep these four factors in mind and you can’t go wrong:

  • Color: Naturally colored hardwood floors will hide scratches far better than stained hardwoods. Should deep scratches ever occur, you can sand through the finish into the bare wood and make them much less visible.
  • Finish: The finish you choose serves to protect your hardwood floors from your dogs. Choose a finish that will stand up to light scratches. A matte finish reflect less light for instance, making small scratches nearly invisible.
  • Texture: Hand scraped and wire-brushed hardwood floors posses a distressed, natural look. That rough texture makes light scratches and even dents a completely moot point. Even with a softer wood species, that texture makes a relatively lower Janka Rating irrelevant.
  • Hardness: Hardness – the Janka Rating – is easily the most over-rated property looked for in hardwood floors. A high Janka Rating can dramatically reduce dents from heavy dog nails, but that has zero affect on preventing surface scratches.

Hardwood Floors can Always Be Refinished

Over time, any hardwood floor in the Reno/Tahoe area where dogs (or people) live, will show its age. Some people love that look, so they only clean and reseal them. Others however like their floors to look as new as possible, so they have their floors sanded and refinished.

Whichever camp you find yourself in, please know that Artisan Hardwood Floors is here to serve your needs. Please contact me, we love dogs and have straight answers to your important questions.

Sorin Giurca

Master Craftsman, Owner, Artisan