Hardwood Flooring Styles – Reno, Tahoe, NV

hardwood flooring stylesTrends Come and Go, Hardwood Flooring Styles are Forever

The most popular hardwood flooring styles will never go out of vogue. Hardwood flooring, like clothing, is part commodity, part fashion statement. The hardwood flooring you install in your Reno/Tahoe home is both an expression of your personal style, and a statement of your character.

When guests walk into your home, your flooring is often the first thing they see. You build on your decorating style from the base your hardwood flooring provides. A well installed hardwood floor will very possibly last the life of the house. Therefore, it should be chosen well and installed correctly the first time.

These are the most popular hardwood flooring styles today:

Dark Hardwoods

Dark hardwood flooring has been a popular style for quite some time. It’s bold, beautiful and rich. Walnut has a naturally dark chocolate color, making walnut lumber more difficult to obtain over the past few years.

Gray Tone Hardwoods

Gray tones offer a neutral base which compliments numerous decorating styles and colors. It features an Alpine feel when combines with the wide planks. Making it a very popular hardwood flooring style for Lake Tahoe homes. Wider planks tend to bring out the grain patterns in white oak and other lighter hardwoods.

Long Wide Planks

Wide planks visually open up small spaces, which creates a feeling of roominess. Longer, wider planks offer less unconscious distraction through seams and joints. You can use diagonal alignment down narrow passages to impart a better feeling of space and width.

Vintage Hardwoods

Reclaimed hardwood is extremely popular with the more environmentally conscientious homeowner, as well as those with a taste for history. Repurposing an old barn or other structure to serve as your new flooring is a style statement in and of itself. The wood has many fascinating stories written into it by the passage of time.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet is coming back as a popular hardwood flooring style here in the Reno/Tahoe area. It works well in small entry ways, formal dining rooms, home offices or even throughout the entire home. In Europe, the classic Chateaux and mansion floors are full of beautiful artisan wood work.

People are passionate about hardwood flooring in a way that no other feature of a home can lay claim to. Stainless appliances and glass cabinet doors and touch-free appliances are all very trendy. But trends come and go. Popular hardwood flooring styles will keep your home “trendy” for generations.

Once you decide on a flooring style, Artisan Hardwood Floors is the right company to help you put it all together. We have the experience and expertise your Reno/Tahoe home requires. I would love the opportunity to consult with you on your next project, to show you how fast and affordable Old World Craftsmanship can be. Contact me right away, while the ideas are still fresh and percolating in your mind.

Sorin Giurca

Master Craftsman, Owner, Artisan