Matching Hardwood Flooring and Furnishings

Matching Hardwood Flooring and FurnishingsChoosing the Right Furnishings Can Make Your Space Pop

Matching hardwood flooring  and furnishings only makes sense. Conceptually, your floors are the “fifth wall.” The type, width and tone of your flooring are a design element in your Reno/Tahoe home, as much any paint color or art on the walls.

Hardwood flooring has proven to be a major selling feature in today’s homes, commanding better prices from discerning home-buyers. Its lasting beauty adds character and value like almost nothing else. The only real mistake homeowners can make, is selecting furnishings which ignore the hardwood flooring altogether.

Contrasts Can Be Beautiful

Perfectly matching hardwood flooring and furnishings has become a relic of yesteryear’s interior design theories. U.S. experts are recommending diversity in designLayering tones and textures appears both stylish and contemporary, allowing you to put your own personal stamp on your living environment. Basic harmony can be preserved by limiting tone choices to two or three, then combining them in unexpected contrasts.

Dark fabrics or wood furnishings can anchor a light wood floor, providing balance and symmetry to large open rooms. By the same token, blond Scandinavian furnishings can hold their own beautifully on dark cherry hardwood flooring.

Everything Does NOT Have To Match

A lot of consumers seem to believe exactly matching hardwood flooring and furnishings in color and tone, is essential. But the professional designers have moved away from that idea. Contrasts are the magic which brings a room to life.

Beautiful dark hardwood floors imply mysterious depths, but they can also swallow any dark furniture placed on them. If your furnishings are black or even dark-stained walnut, you’ll want to add light colored tables or end pieces so the atmosphere doesn’t disappear into the depths.

By the same token, light or bleached hardwood flooring brings all manner of brightness into a room, adapting itself to a myriad of furniture choices. So feel free when matching light hardwood flooring to furnishings, because your palette is so much larger.

Need Help Matching Hardwood Flooring and Furnishings? Consult An Artisan

Whether you love the rich look and feel of darker hardwood flooring, or the open spacious air of lighter hardwood flooring, the professions here at Artisan Hardwood Floors will help you at every step: Design, Wood Choice, Finishes, Installation, and of course Decor. We are experts at matching beautiful hardwood flooring and exquisite furnishings.

Contact me right away, so we can help you create the Reno/Tahoe home of your dreams.

Sorin Giurca

Master Craftsman, Artisan