Matching Hardwood Stairs to Your Floors

matching hardwood stairsMatching Hardwood Stairs to Hardwood Floors in Your Reno/Tahoe Home

Once you’ve decided to install hardwood flooring, it’s hard not to think about matching hardwood stairs as the perfect accent. Because your hardwood flooring is the foundation of the overall design in your Reno/Tahoe home, you’ll want them to be as warm and attractive as possible.

Your hardwood stairs will need to blend perfectly with the floors, while being inviting as well. Subtle things like the grain patterns, wood contour, percale style, colors and textures will all impact the perception of quality and beauty of your entire home.

Wood Grain Direction and Patterning

Direction and patterning is one of the strongest visual cues you have when matching hardwood stairs to your floors. We tend to subconsciously seek patterns which are complementary or contrasting, so avoid perpendicular arrangements which create abrupt visual barriers that disturb the overall flow and design of the space.

To offer folks an invitation to continue, the first stair tread should feature grain running parallel to the hardwood flooring. Curved stairs allow for a convex shape,  informing the eye that the transition will be comfortable and easy.

Plank Size and Dimension

Wide plank flooring is a perennial favorite here in the Reno/Tahoe area. Consequently, when a beautiful wide plank hardwood floor is matched with stair treads made of narrow strips of  laminated wood it looks discordant. Lowering the perception of quality and value. When designing your stair treads, it’s always best to use planks which are similar in width to the hardwood flooring.

Matching Hardwood Stairs Using Contrasting Tread Color

Often, the general color of the custom stairs will match the hardwood flooring. However, some homeowners have a very eclectic or exotic look they want to achieve.  Contrasting and even alternating light and dark treads can have a wonderful visual payoff.

Custom Risers Add Personality

You might also consider whether the risers will match the stair treads — if your stairs have risers, of course.  Most homes feature natural risers which are essentially the same wood and finish as the treads. For a modicum of contrast though, you can also choose to paint your risers in accent colors which work well with your interior wall colors.

Painted risers are of course a very easy design option, but don’t feel limited to just paint. Tile, carpeting, mirrors and any number of other options work well on risers.

Artisan Hardwood Floors Knows Stairs

Being Artisans, we are perfectly suited to matching hardwood stairs to your hardwood flooring.  We can add value and lasting beauty to any home  in the Reno/Tahoe area for a very modest investment. Contact me today and let’s set up a short discussion as to your dreams and desires. I’m always happy to make new friends.

Sorin Giurca

Master Craftsman, Artisan