Patterned Hardwood Flooring Design Ideas in Reno

patterned hw floorPatterned Hardwood Flooring Designs can add Unique Beauty & Elegance to Any Room

Hardwood Flooring designs can be as intricate or subtle as you like. Where a simple, fixed straight line of matched grain hardwood flooring – lining up perfectly with walls of a building – can impart the idea of solidity and permanence, a Herringbone, a Parquet inlay and other patterns in a hardwood floor, can impart sophistication and refinement.

The look and feel you want to achieve in specific areas of your home or business can be tied together and accented perfectly, using patterned hardwood flooring designs. You can chose something as simple as angling the slats 45 degrees from the line of the walls, or as intricate as a repeating mosaic of multicolored squares. You can also add borders and insets and weaves. There really are no limits.

Hardwood Flooring Patterns can Designate Traffic Areas and Direction, without the need for Signs or Velvet Ropes.

Most people tend to look for patterns and other indicators to help them navigate through areas they may not be familiar with. A simple, continuous line of Herringbone pointing in the direction and area you want your guests or clients to follow, can serve regulate traffic flow. All in a subtle, almost unconscious manner. Hardwood flooring patterns can also be used to draw the eye to specific points of interest, like a speaker’s area or showcased artwork.

Borders and Insets and Mosaics, Oh My!

If you already have a fixed idea as to where the furnishings in a room will be, you can artfully center your hardwood patterns on those placements. Where the desk will be placed in an Executive Office, for instance. A pattern centered on the desk – instead of simply the middle of the room – can impart importance and authority without saying a word. Using differently colored accent woods to border a mosaic, or even just a simple inlay, can be used to highlight any room.

That will serve to separate your home or office as uniquely beautiful and memorable. Leaving a lasting impression on your guests or clients and marking you out as a person of note, among your peers.

Artisan Hardwood Floors is here to help you Create the Floor of Your Dreams

It has often been said that we are more “Artists” that mere craftsmen. Artisan Hardwood Floors has been serving Reno/Tahoe homeowners and business people for years now, and I personally guarantee that we can turn your ideas into a reality. I’ll even help you come up with unique ideas and designs which reflect exactly what it is you’re trying to accomplish, if you like. I live for that kind of challenge.

Please contact me right away, so we can discuss the myriad, unique, beautiful, lasting advantages you can have with a new hardwood floor.


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