Wide Plank Wood Flooring: An Excellent Choice

wide plank hwf Wide Plank Wood Flooring Brings a Look of Spaciousness to Any Room

You’ve probably read about my love for a good, solid, hardwood floor. They bring beauty, lasting quality and excellent value to any home or office building. Particularly when installed and maintained by a Member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA). And while it can be fun to design and install complicated or intricately patterned hardwood floors – for those of us who enjoy such challenges – some homes and offices simply look best with the old-world solidity of Wide Plank Wood Flooring.

Wider planks impart an almost subconscious feeling of greater space and firmer footing. The first hardwood floors installed in Castles and affluent homes hundreds of years ago, were made of thick wide planks. Warmer and lighter than stone floors, they were polished smooth, stained or oiled by Artisans and Skilled Craftsmen, and my chosen profession was born. Wide planks still carry with them those original connotations of spaciousness and rustic charm, providing a dramatic setting for every room they’re used in.

Wide Plank Wood Flooring can Save You Money

If you’re looking at hardwood floors as the best option for your new construction or remodel, and want to be as budget-minded as possible during the build-out, the relatively easy install for wider planking can mean reduced labor costs. Material costs may be lower as well, depending of course on your choice of product to be installed.

A wide plank wood floor still takes skill and experience to install properly – so as to ensure a precise fit, perfect lines, no leaks and no squeaks. There are simply fewer of them to install per room than with ordinary sized planks, which does mean less time spent in each room. Time, even still today, equals Money.

Artisan Hardwood Floors is the Reno/Tahoe Area’s Premier Wide Plank Wood Floor Installer

We are a dedicated team of Craftsmen, who are often called Artists. We take great pride in our work and do our utmost to ensure your absolute satisfaction and delight. Every time. Every floor. Creating lasting beauty and functionality which will last longer than any of us will, is a large part of our compensation.

If you would like to discuss all of the excellent options and cost-saving ideas we have been able to come up with for some of the most demanding clients in Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada, please contact us right away. I look forward to meeting your challenges.

Sorin Giurca