Preventing Hardwood Floor Scratches

Chair and Other Furniture Scratches Can Be Avoided

Now that you own a magnificent new hardwood floor, saving it from scratches is probably high on your priority list. Of course you will want to preserve that shine and almost reflective finish for as long as possible. Some of the suggestions I’ll make today might seem obvious, but that’s what pro tips are for: covering all the bases. The good news is that preventing hardwood floor scratches and other minor damage takes minimal effort and a little common sense.

Throw Rugs and Area Rugs Prevent Hardwood Floor Scratches

Some people feel that covering a beautiful hardwood floor with an area rug defeats the purpose. They are of course welcome to their opinions. In truth, a beautiful area rug placed under the sofa or bed is not only an excellent accent to the room décor, it serves to save your hardwood floor from scratches should you decide to rearrange the furniture. Just be sure to keep the rug clean and well vacuumed so grit doesn’t accumulate on the bottom. Dragging a dirty carpet across your hardwood floor can completely defeat the purpose.

Floor Protectors Are Essential

There are dozens of commercially available stick-on pads for your chair and table legs. As with all things, you tend to get what you pay for; so “saving money” on floor protectors to keep from putting scratches on your hardwood floors might not be the best decision. Thicker pads which cover 100 percent of the footing (the part of the leg which actually touches the floor) are the safest bet. All of the Big Box “home improvement” stores and hardwood flooring suppliers should carry a wide selection, for your convenience.

Keep Your Hardwood Floor Clean and Well Cared For

Next to furniture being moved about, grit on your hardwood floors is the primary source of scratches. Keeping your floors clean and well cared for is an important step in preventing hardwood floor scratches. Perhaps even the most important.

All of this assumes that you’re starting with a professionally finished floor, using the best quality materials and coatings to begin with. At Artisan Hardwood Floors, those are the only kind we use. We take as much pride in your beautiful new floors as you do, so we want your experience to be positive for years after our work is done.

Contact us right away, and allow me the privilege of showing your exactly what I mean.

Sorin Giurca

Craftsman, Owner, Artist