Site Finished Hardwood Floors

Site Finished Hardwood Floors Offer Many Advantages

There are several benefits to choosing site finished hardwood floors vs pre-finished. Site finishing your hardwood floors makes it possible to closely match existing flooring, or make your floors completely unique and personal. Color and gloss need not be guessed at or approximated as is the case with pre-finished hardwood floors. Also, should you ever need to repair or replace pieces, the wood you need to match it will always be available.

You also maintain complete creative control over the the entire process. You can select the wood species, the width of the planks, the stain color and the gloss of the finish.

Factory Finished Hardwood Floors Offer Uniformity

For cost reasons and logistics considerations, many General Contractors and home manufactures choose pre-finished hardwood flooring when ordering materials. Factory finished hardwood floors offer a uniformity of look and feel, which can be of great advantage in certain situations and institutions. The manufacturers change basic designs regularly however, which can make matching an older pre-finished hardwood floor with new pre-finished hardwood that much harder. Site finished hardwood floors allow the installer to match older pre-finished floors perfectly.

An Artistic Process

Once the hardwood planks are installed, we sand them to produce a perfectly flat and smooth surface, leaving no crevices or irregularities which can accumulate dirt and dust over time. The site finishing process involves filling, sanding, staining, sealing, finishing and curing. The multiple finishes dry very quickly and are nearly odorless. We are able to do two coats per day, applying them early enough each day so that the floors can be walked on in the evenings. The finish coats are safe to walk on as soon as they are dry, but curing can take several days depending on climate. It is recommended by the finish manufacturers that no area rugs be placed on the floor while the finish is curing.

Artisan Hardwood Floors Does it Best

As with all hardwood floors, when they are correctly installed and well maintained, site finished hardwood floors will remain beautiful and durable for generations. Here at Artisan Hardwood Floors, that is what we strive for with every job. Every home and business we work in offers unique challenges along with particular needs, and meeting all of them is how we have grown to become the premier hardwood flooring installer in the Reno/Tahoe area.

I would love the opportunity the speak with you about how we can help you meet all of your flooring challenges while staying well within your budget. Contact me right away and we can discuss it.


Sorin Giurca

Craftsman, Owner, Artist